Monday, August 18, 2008


My favorite turtle from TMNT! What else is there to say? Just a simple line drawing but with a style that I rarely use. Another bad photo, kinda, the headband thing looks blue when it is drawn purple.... oh well, scanner will be coming soon... hopefully.

Ok... so for all fighting game fans/gamers... pretty sure you guys know who this is if you ever played the game soul calibur. Well, the forth installment is here and is much better then the past few I'd say. Anyways this is a pic I thought I do for a friend of mines just because I felt like I needed to update what I gave him awhile back, and when I mean awhile I mean 'AWHILE BACK' Well, I hope he enjoys it, cuss I sure enjoyed drawing this piece. The quality of this photo didn't come out so great like all the others in this blog. I'm still using a camera to take pics of my work so bare with me, I will get a scanner some day......
So, The idea for this piece here was kinda of an old idea that was just stuck in my head for a long while, just never took the time to draw it out. Kind of glad I did it just so the idea would stop haunting my head!
Hello once again... I know I've been quite behind on the posting for those who even read this blog here. I've been quite busy with all the good things life has had to offer these past few weeks :D. Therefore I am going to post 3 pieces of mine back to back for this weeks post. Hope ya enjoy. Feel free to comment and crit. as well.